Giorgio Locicero(josura)



I am a researcher in complex graph theory, bioinformatics, computational neuroscience, optimization theory, AGI theory, statistical analysis, parallel computation, and other subjects. I am interested in new technologies, security administration, microcontrollers, distributed computing, programming and hardware in general.

Developer & Data Analyst

Just received a bachelor in computer science, writing my thesis for my master degree, probably a PHD in the future.

  • Birthday: 11 September 1998
  • Website: Work In Progress
  • City: City : Catania, Italia
  • Age: 23
  • Degree: Bachelor
  • PhEmailone:
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  • PhEmailthree:
  • Freelance: Available
  • Researcher: Working on complex graph theory and AGI formal theory

Computer science subjects are not my only field of interest, i have read many medical papers and have a good formation in medical subjects, i am interested in physics, mathematics, music theory, psychology, sociology, philosophy, literature and many others.


Accomplishments of my life as a computer scientist and other things.




CS bachelor merit positions covered


Projects and acknowledged research


Years of complete dedication


Years of working experience


Useful skills that i have obtained during my research

Problem solving 100%
C++ 80%
Java 80%
Scala 90%
Python 50%
Apache Spark 80%
Apache Kafka 80%
CSS 30%
JavaScript 75%
Latex 70%
Spring Framework 67%
AKKA 57%
PHP 80%
C 100%
C# 90%
OpenCL 80%
Cuda 60%
GNU/Linux 80%
ElasticSearch 80%
Kibana 80%
R 90%
Unity 75%
Qiskit 50%


Timeline of projects, research and acknowledgments


Giorgio Locicero

CS student and researcher, freelancer in a very wide field of subjects

  • Catania, Italy


Scientific High School Diploma

2012 - 2017

Alessandro Volta, Caltanissetta, Italy


Bachelor in Computer Science

2017 - 2020

Università di Catania, Italy

110/110 with praise

Specialization in Data Analysis & other extracurricular subjects

2020 - future

Università di Catania, Italy

Extracurricular activities involves other subjects like distributed systems, quantum programming, etc...

Professional Experience

Database Manager

2018 - 2019

Built a system for an undertaker

  • Built the database infrastructure and implementation
  • Built a part of the site
  • Counseling about updates in the structure and other things

Distribute system creator, data analysis with modern technologies (AISuggestU)

2019 - 2020

  • Developed the whole infrastructure of a recommendation system for github repo recommendation
  • With the help of Davide Carnemolla, we implemented all the ideas and the web user interface
  • Released the first version
  • Developing the future version to recommend other sites and improving performance.

creator of the theory and implementation of TemporalRI (TemporalRI)

2020 - 2020

built the whole theory behind to fit a large number of real problems

  • Formalized the concept behind temporal networks and divided the problem in suboptimal sub-problems to speed-up performance and fit every implementation needs
  • Implemented the algorithm in Scala and in Java, also working on a local branch that uses Spark to improve performance
  • Released the first version before my graduation
  • Building a strong infrastructure for other problems and for my future projects that have a temporal component

Creator of the Error and Mutation Recommendation system (Entomomachia)

2021 - 2021

Used a lot of new and distributed technologies like Spring, Spark, Redis, Java RMI, etc.

  • The project exposes some REST APIs to access the recommendations and to share data to enhance the model used
  • The project was built with a focus on design, especially on testing(unit, integration and tracing) and design patterns
  • Developing the web application in a different branch

Started to write a proposal in Madrid for Horizon Europe, the project is about Decision Support Systems in a mixed setting(Human-AI interaction environment) (European Proposal)

The project is called IDIoHMA

2022 - 2022

The project will build a distributed infrastructure that virtualizes single devices and creates a computational network

  • The project will be a mesh network where devices could enter and exit as they need
  • Virtualization is a key concept of the project, since the whole network will be virtualized as well and will expose an interface to interact with the whole network as a single component
  • The single devices will support the users in their decision with a consensus model where AI devices and users that need to make a decision will interact with each other to reach the best outcome
  • Project has come to an halt since I have not found many partners